Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Sunday we were finally able to shed our winter coats and head outside to get some fresh air. Ryan still wasn't feeling well, but we had been waiting for too long for warm weather to let the day go by without enjoying it a little bit. So, we took a family walk around the neighborhood.

This afternoon we had sleet and very icy roads and we should have about 6 inches of snow by morning, so unfortunately we couldn't put the winter coats away for good.

Zack hung close the the curbs and the puddles of water. Those rain boots are the best purchase I've ever made for him.

His pants are getting wetter and his legs are getting more tired. He kept running to catch up with his dad and then he would slowly fall behind again.
He eventually decided to hitch a ride with daddy.


About Me said...

Awe. I love that 3rd pic!

Jennifer said...

Too cute, I love the one of his pants all wet. I can't believe all the snow you guys get.

Janice said...

I'm so jealous you guys have nice weather! We had a blozzard warning over here, today.

Love that first pic!