Friday, March 28, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Disney

and all through the house . . .
- a whole bunch of stuff needs to shrink down to fit into the suitcases
- a certain extremely excited little boy needs to go to sleep
- the washer and dryer can't wait for me to go to bed because they have been working non-stop all day
- Ryan created Twitter and Flickr updates in the sidebar to keep everyone updated on our vacation

We started a countdown to Disney World 30 days ago and Zack is finally cut the last ring off today. All the is left is a Disney Dollar. He has definitely improved his cutting skills in the past month. He used to have cuts all along the side of the ring before he would make it through to the other side, now he gets through in two cuts. Zack is so excited. He didn't want to eat or sleep tonight. He is ready to go now. I hope he does ok on the long car ride. I am bringing everything I can think of to keep him occupied.

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