Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Ferberized Her

Addison was fighting me as I was trying to rock her to sleep tonight, so I decided tonight would be the night to let her Cry It Out. She played in her crib for twenty minutes just talking to herself and then she started crying. I let her cry for about five minutes and went in and gave her the paci. She closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

We had a much tougher time with Zack when he was Ferberized. I think he cried for the longest 45 minutes of my life before falling asleep. Addison is so easy going though, hopefully tomorrow night will go as smooth.

We cleaned up Zack's Jumperoo and set it up this morning. Addison absolutely loved it. We had to keep a close eye on Zack until he got over the newness of it. He would have used it as a sling shot and sent her flying if we had let him. Ryan and I also joked because when Zack first started using it we had to put some books underneath his feet so he could reach the ground and jump. Addison touched with no problem. She will be towering over her big brother (and dad) in no time!

I have had an apartment as a temporary office at work since the fire back in September. They are finally putting the finishing touches on the renovation and Friday we had our inspection by the city. It passed!! Tuesday they are moving me back in. Everything is brand new and nice, although I have bare walls and no decorations. I need to go shopping with my boss at some point in the near future. I love spending someone elses money! I'm not looking forward to all my residents stopping in to check it out, but it will be so nice not to use kitchen cabinets to store office supplies and counter tops for the office machines. My new desk won't be in until April 4th, so I still have to deal with tight quarters for a while. I like having two desks, so I can spread out my piles. I'll take pictures once it is completely done.


Jennifer said...

Good luck with Addison tonight, I hope she goes right to sleep for you. How fun that she likes the jumperoo, and that comment about Zack sending her flying had me laughing.

Can't wait to see your new office, how exciting!

Kimberly said...

hehe, i just busted out laughing picturing Zach using the jump-a-roo as a sling shot!

Unknown said...

hope addison goes right to sleep tonight and have fun decorating the new office! :)

Mary Catherine Urban said...

Jack's a ferber baby, too. I hope Addison is still having sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...
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Janice said...

Glad Addison is sleeping well for you! We did the same thing, although it was much easier with Cameron than Ava.

And hurray for the new office! I wish I could spend other people's money, he-he!

By the way, I looooooove Addison's bucket photo on your previous post!