Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Beach - Part Two

Final vacation post! Man, these took FOREVER to edit!! I'm sorry I shared so many, but I've decided that I'm going to start "slurping" up my blog and turning it into a book at Blurb. I am still on Zack's 3rd month in his scrapbook, so I've given up on scrap booking a long time ago. I have made two photo books for the past two years of Zack's life, but I think this will be less time consuming and my blog contains everything and more of what I want to share with the kids as they grow up. So, without further ado . . . The Beach - Part Two

Zack was having a complete blast on the beach. He was completely exhausted, full of energy, and getting red, oops! I did put block on multiple times, but that Florida sun is HOT. He got it worst above his butt from swimming and his suit hanging low.

Jumping waves with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sharon

more silhouette attempts with dad. Everyone was ready to call it a day and the sun wasn't low enough to get the sunset in the pictures or the subjects really dark. Next winter we'll try again! My parents are going to kick us out now that we know how the other side lives.

and last, but CERTAINLY not least. . . Miss Addison on the lanai modeling her very first swimsuit.
Thank you so much Bill and Marge for sharing your home and your beach. Both are gorgeous!!
Huge thanks to Marge for watching Addison inside while I played photographer. Everyone got burnt except for her. I can live with that.
Zack crashed the moment we got in the van to drive back to my parent's house, probably around 6:00. I made him go to the bathroom and put on a pull-up and then he crashed again on the deflated air mattress that was out from the previous night, so basically on their hardwood floor (so comfy). I tried to wake him up to eat, because we didn't have much all day, but he wasn't interested. He slept until 8:30 AM, when we had to wake him, so we could start our long trek back to Indiana.
. . . and I thought Disney World was exhausting!

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