Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Disney - Part 2

We did a Playhouse Disney character lunch at Hollywood Studios. It was a little hectic because I was holding and feeding Addison and had no where to sit her down, while Ryan made three plus trips to the buffet table for our meals and kept an eye on our table so he could run back to take pictures when the characters made their way around to us.

Zack making June from The Little Einsteins blush
Ryan didn't have enough room to back up with the 50 mm lens, so June's eye got cropped. There were a lot of times that I wish I had a different lens on the camera. I'll have to save before our next trip.

Open arms for Leo from The Little Einsteins

A little love for JoJo

and smootches for Goliath
Is it real?

After lunch we found Handy Manny wandering the park.

It was really sad. JoJo and June walked by Zack on their way to their signing spots. This was soon after our lunch and he thought they were great buddies. He saw them coming and got so excited and ran up to them with open arms. He was ready to give them a big bear hug and they ignored and stepped around him and kept on walking. His head immediately dropped and he looked so dejected. Ryan and I both ran over to comfort him and explained that they had to go to their spots where the other kids were waiting. He recovered fairly quickly, but it broke my heart.


Tami said...

I can't believe they walked right pst him :( It would have broke my heart too.

It sure looks like he enjoyed himself! Glad you made it home safely.

Kimberly said...

ahh...that makes me sad for him too! But I'm glad that you guys had a great trip!

Jennifer said...

How sad that they walked right by him, that would have made me sad too. Looks like the lunch was fun!