Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Field of Dreams

Sunday morning we went to an elementry school near our house. There are baseball fields and playgrounds for Zack (and Ryan) and open fields for the dog to run, so everyone is happy.

I am told that this is where Zack will play baseball when he is older, so Ryan wanted to get him introduced to the fields early. Ryan promises that he won't be "that dad" yelling and making a scene at the sporting events. I am still a little worried.

Swing batta batta swing
and it's out of here!
and the pitch . . .
watching the game from the dugout
Ryan found a baseball on the field. It was difficult explaining to Zack why someone left the ball behind and why it was ok for us to take it.

Sammy-dog enjoyed being the designated runner.

Baseball card pose? "We" have big dreams!


Jaidean said...

Very cute! He looks like a natural! :)

Jennifer said...

Too cute! That last picture is great!