Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Sand

After the pier Zack and I walked down to the beach. It didn't take him long to get soaked and covered in sand. The water is ice cold and it was still chilly out, but he didn't seem to mind one bit.

New Wheels

We gave Zack a new bike for his birthday. I'm not quite sure why a 12 inch bike needs pegs and a hand break, but I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a fun Memorial Day weekend at the lake. We were finally able to enjoy some warm weekend weather. Zack spent the majority of the weekend riding his two wheel bike. This was the first time he really got to ride a bike except in circles on our driveway at home. He had fun figuring out the brakes and going down the hill, although I probably lost years off of my life watching the little daredevil.

This coming Saturday is my brother's wedding. Zack is very excited to be the "ring bear." He asked me what Grandma Mary will be in the wedding and I told him that she'll be the Mother of the Groom. He responded, "no, she'll be the King" and later corrected himself and said queen or "ween." His cousin Lindsey is the princess because he saw her trying on her flower girl dress. Hopefully he doesn't make too big of a scene at the wedding. He doesn't quite understand the concept of an inside voice.

Yesterday Zack moved up to the next room at daycare. He is excited to be back with some of his friends that had moved up a month ago and a lot of his current classmates moved too, so he is adjusting nicely. The cool dinosaur toys in the new room help too. His new room also faces the parking lot, so he gets to wave and watch Addison and me get in the car to leave.

Sunday morning Zack and I went down by the water to take some pictures. I want to attempt these again when the sun is at a different angle. I was very nervous leaving him on the pier by himself, but he did great and I ran over the second he started getting fidgety. More pictures to come, but I was falling asleep at my computer as I was editing these.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Party

Saturday was Zack's actual birthday. We had a hog roast on Saturday at the lake, so we scheduled the party for Sunday. I decided to have make your own sundaes for everyone on Saturday to help celebrate the big day. The kids had more toppings than ice cream and totally loved it. I was busy dishing out ice cream and toppings and didn't get any good pictures.

Some shots from Sunday.Zack thought it looked like fun, but he wasn't able to balance as well as the girls.

Zack was pretty darn proud of his cake.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bigger and Bigger

Zack had a great birthday weekend. He opened presents for three days and was ready for more today. More from the weekend to come.

He had his three year checkup today. He is 35 1/2 inches tall, 50%, and 28 1/4 lbs, 25%. We also found out that he has strep throat. The tough little booger hasn't complained about a sore throat at all. Friday, and you can see it in the picture below from Saturday morning, his lymph node was swollen, so I assume that is when the strep started. Hopefully he didn't spread it the the other kids. So, now I have both kids taking amoxicillin. At least I don't have to worry about Addison getting it. The doctor looked at Addison's ear infection and said it looked better, but is still red. I'm starting to come down with something. Hopefully it doesn't develop into strep.

It is amazing what a difference six months can make. The last time I took Zack to the doctor was for Addison's two week checkup. He was into everything, the sink, scale, desk, etc. I had a really hard time listening to the doctor talk about Addison and asking questions because I was trying to control him. I swore I would never take them by myself again. Today he was a model child and even got a fruit snack from the doctor for being so good.

Time for his yearly measurement. He always asks while eating, which food will make him bigger and bigger and then he'll take a bite of the food you tell him. He has grown from last year, but he is still a runt.

Growth over the past three years.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Today is Zack's third birthday. His daycare teacher called me at 3:50 yesterday and said his glands are swollen, but he isn't complaining. I called the docter and the nurse said to watch him, but he should be fine if there are no other symptoms. He looks like a chipmunk and had a low fever again last night. No fever this morning, but he is still swollen. He is acting like his normal crazy self though. Monday he has his three year well check, but hopefully it is gone by then. Still no pox.

Addison still has a fever and refuses to sleep unless I'm holding her. We had our first co-sleeping experience last night and Ryan slept on the couch.

Hopefully the rain and the fevers go away by tomorrow's party.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Again

Zack's fever was gone this morning, so we went back to our normal routine today. Addison's sitter called me shortly after I got to work and said Addison had an 102.2 temperature. I picked her up and took her to the doctor. She has an ear infection and is now sleeping in my arms.

There have been a couple cases of chicken pox in Zack's daycare. His teacher said this morning that the incubation period expires tomorrow and that chicken pox usually start with a low grade fever. I am so worried that both kids will wake up with chicken pox in the morning. I thought his birthday party would be ruined by rain not the pox and an ear infection.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Time

I have been a horrible blogger lately. We are still alive and well. We've just had crappy weather on the weekends and busy week nights. Here is a little update.

1. Ryan has been working late most nights. Let's just say that I have a whole new appreciation for single moms.

2. We have opened up at the lake and have spent a portion of the past two weekends there, although we are still impatiently waiting for some good lake weather.

3. Zack turns three on Saturday. His days in NICU are still so fresh in my mind. I can't believe it has been three years already. We are having a Lightning McQueen party on Sunday. He is very excited.

4. My brother is getting married 5/31. Zack and I are in the wedding. I can't wait to see him in his little tux. I will probably fill up my memory card with just pictures of him.

5. For the past few weeks Zack has been acting up and having accidents at daycare. He has spit water in a kid's face, spilled milks at lunch, and scratched down a boy's face. His teacher thinks he is doing it for attention and he is bored in the class, eventhough she tried to challenge him. He will be moving up to the next classroom at daycare after Memorial Weekend. I am praying that it makes a difference because I'm ready to pull him out.

6. Daycare costs go down at three years and potty trained. I didn't think he would pass because he has been having accidents a few times a week. His teacher informed me yesterday that they'll reduce his rate because she believes he knows better and is just doing it for attention. I can't wait for this phase to end.

I think you're officially up to speed on our uneventful two weeks.

Zack had a low fever today, so I stayed home with the kids. I have never seen the boy act sick. Nothing slows him down. He definitely does NOT get that from his father. It was nice to finally pick up the camera again. Hopefully I'll get some three year pictures of Zack soon.
We are still waiting for Addison's first tooth to pop through. It is hard to find her without her tongue sticking out these days, except when I am trying to feed her peas or green beans. They have to be getting close.

She discovered the cubcakes on her pants and they quickly became more interesting than my funny noises and faces.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Toy