Monday, May 19, 2008

Bigger and Bigger

Zack had a great birthday weekend. He opened presents for three days and was ready for more today. More from the weekend to come.

He had his three year checkup today. He is 35 1/2 inches tall, 50%, and 28 1/4 lbs, 25%. We also found out that he has strep throat. The tough little booger hasn't complained about a sore throat at all. Friday, and you can see it in the picture below from Saturday morning, his lymph node was swollen, so I assume that is when the strep started. Hopefully he didn't spread it the the other kids. So, now I have both kids taking amoxicillin. At least I don't have to worry about Addison getting it. The doctor looked at Addison's ear infection and said it looked better, but is still red. I'm starting to come down with something. Hopefully it doesn't develop into strep.

It is amazing what a difference six months can make. The last time I took Zack to the doctor was for Addison's two week checkup. He was into everything, the sink, scale, desk, etc. I had a really hard time listening to the doctor talk about Addison and asking questions because I was trying to control him. I swore I would never take them by myself again. Today he was a model child and even got a fruit snack from the doctor for being so good.

Time for his yearly measurement. He always asks while eating, which food will make him bigger and bigger and then he'll take a bite of the food you tell him. He has grown from last year, but he is still a runt.

Growth over the past three years.


Jaidean said...

Glad he had a great birthday! Hopefully he is feeling better soon - that is no fun! He is a little guy! I always think of him, Teagun, and Devin being right around the same size, but I guess not! :)

Jaidean said...
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Jennifer said...

I am so glad he had a good birthday. I hope he feels better soon, I can't believe he had strep and didn't complain at all. He is one tough little guy. He really is little. I feel like Devin is so little to me and he was 32 lbs at his 3 yr appt.