Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a fun Memorial Day weekend at the lake. We were finally able to enjoy some warm weekend weather. Zack spent the majority of the weekend riding his two wheel bike. This was the first time he really got to ride a bike except in circles on our driveway at home. He had fun figuring out the brakes and going down the hill, although I probably lost years off of my life watching the little daredevil.

This coming Saturday is my brother's wedding. Zack is very excited to be the "ring bear." He asked me what Grandma Mary will be in the wedding and I told him that she'll be the Mother of the Groom. He responded, "no, she'll be the King" and later corrected himself and said queen or "ween." His cousin Lindsey is the princess because he saw her trying on her flower girl dress. Hopefully he doesn't make too big of a scene at the wedding. He doesn't quite understand the concept of an inside voice.

Yesterday Zack moved up to the next room at daycare. He is excited to be back with some of his friends that had moved up a month ago and a lot of his current classmates moved too, so he is adjusting nicely. The cool dinosaur toys in the new room help too. His new room also faces the parking lot, so he gets to wave and watch Addison and me get in the car to leave.

Sunday morning Zack and I went down by the water to take some pictures. I want to attempt these again when the sun is at a different angle. I was very nervous leaving him on the pier by himself, but he did great and I ran over the second he started getting fidgety. More pictures to come, but I was falling asleep at my computer as I was editing these.


Jennifer said...

Great Pictures. Sounds like a fun weekend. Can't wait to see some wedding pics.

I want to see some pictures of him on his bike, when you say two wheels, does he still have the training wheels or have those come off??

Jami said...

Jennifer - oh, he definitely has training wheels. He just graduated from a tricycle with his short legs.

Jaidean said...

Love the pictures - especially that second one!!! Sounds like fun!!!