Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eight Months

This has been a big month, or really week, for milestones. My tiny baby is slowly slipping away. Yesterday Addison started crawling. She isn't breaking any speed record yet, but I'm sure she will be very soon. I have enlisted Zack in helping to make sure she doesn't play with any small objects. I gave him his very own toilet paper roll and he is really good about checking to see if a toy will fit inside of it and asking me if Addison can play with something or not. I am still really nervous about leaving her unattended and need to re-baby proof the house.

I am waiting with each diaper change for her to start rolling over, try to crawl away and really fighting me. I dreaded changing Zack's diaper once he got mobile, but the stinker was good for everyone else.

She has also developed her own form of sign language. She loves to blow rasberries and they usually mean that she wants her paci, unless she is eating a food that she doesn't care for. The kids in Zack's daycare class get a kick out of her and the rasberries. I have started baby sign language with her, although Zack was closer to one year before he started signing back.

I am slowly trying to introduce some table foods to her, but she doesn't care for the texture and spits them out. She loves Nilla Wafers and yogurt though.

Here are some of her other seven month milestones. She can pull herself up to the standing position, got her first two teeth, and said her first word yesterday. Does babababa count as a word? She also sat up from the laying down position early in the month.

These were taken this evening

It was nice having a cooperative subject while it lasted :(


Janice said...

I love the bare baby pics!!!! Wow, that's crazy that eight months has passed already! And yay for the two teeth!!

Jennifer said...

Too cute. Wow, she really has been doing a lot this past month.

Kimberly said...

wow 8 months already! She's gonna be walking before you know it! I'm loving that second pic!