Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hitched - Part II

Zack did a cute kid job at the wedding. (I had typed in great and decided that wasn't the best description.) He and my niece Lindsey, the flower girl, held hands while walking down the aisle. They were so cute. They sat next to my sister and I during the wedding. Zack had a hard time keeping quite, but he did keep his voice down for the most part. He and Lindsey did get into a shhing contest a couple of times and they got kind of loud. Zack did make a small scene when he told me he had to go potty. I debated about having him wait and take the chance of him having an accident in the middle of the wedding and causing a bigger scene or letting him go. My sister ended up taking him around the outside to Ryan and he took care of business, then stayed outside for the remainder of the ceremony.

After the ceremony the wedding party went to a park for pictures. I figured there would be a lot of down time for the wedding party, so I of course brought my camera to get some pictures of Zack.

a long day for the little man. I'd rather be napping.

our ride

More pictures to come . . .

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Jennifer said...

Looks like fun. Zack looked so adorable in his tux. That is too funny that he had to go potty during the wedding. Can't wait to see more pics.