Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Apple a Day

Zack's favorite food has got to be apples. He has at least one a day and usually more. We have two apple trees and a peach tree in our backyard. All three trees have an abundance of fruit this year. They aren't quite ready to pick, but it won't be too much longer. Zack loves to check out their progress and can't wait to get his teeth on them. I have visions of him sitting under the tree with a huge pile of apples cores next to him. The bees start swarming as they ripen and I also have visions of many bee stings in his not so distant future.

The Kids

We played in the backyard last night. I am constantly fishing pieces of grass out of Addison's mouth. Zack always asks to sample Addison's food, so grass was no exception. I don't think he cared for it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lakewood Olympics - Part Eight

This should be the last Olympic post - finally!

The final event was a relay race on the beach. Each country had two teams of four. The first person runs to the other end of the beach, Courtney will demonstrate.
They then have to make three full rotations spinning on a baseball bat.

Then when they are nice and dizzy, they run back and tag the next person.
Haley demonstrating her skills.

Lindsey in the ready position.

Bahamas made one team of kids and one with adults. The adult team included my dad. Here is Gramps in action.
please don't hate me dad, but it has to be shared. Dad got just a little too dizzy on the bat. He is going to feel that in the morning.
Get up, you ain't hurt!
Tough love in this family.
They had a race a second time and he did much better.

My cousin Jeff

The winners were Team Sweden with a Bahamas walk-on, Olivia, to help fill there team. Olivia was pumped when she found out she won the gold.
Celebrating with mom.
The awards ceremony. I just love Brice on the right side with his chest sticking out. He couldn't have been more proud. The adult Bahamas team didn't even place. I love that a bunch of young kids beat them and boy am I glad I wasn't on that team.
After the relay the scores were tallied. The country with the most points and bragging rights for the next four years is . . .
The Bahamas baby!!
Everyone had an awesome time parading, competing, and cheering. Thanks to Becky and Kevin for their hard work and making it a success.
I can't wait to watch the Beijing Olympics in a week, especially swimming.

Lakewood Olympics - Part Seven

The next event was the under 16 3 on 3 basketball. My nephew Cody couldn't wait to get out there and show his stuff.

Here are a couple of him in action. He wasn't afraid of the bigger kids and got right in there.

His teamed ended up with the bronze and he didn't let go of that medal all day. He was very proud.

Lakewood Olympics - Part Six

I took a little break from the Lakewood Olympics, but we're ready to hit it hard again. Sunday events started with 3 on 3 basketball.

Here is a little of the action.

My brother Corey with the 3 pointer.
and his new wife Katie with the nice follow threw. They both coach girls high school basketball, which is how they started dating.
My bro's team got the silver, but PURE GOLD in my book for the best uniforms! Gold went to the other Bahamas team and Columbia got the bronze.

My cousin, Ben, pictured below with his shirt off recently won high school student athlete of the year. He was chosen out of students from 27 area schools. He was also the Midwest Conference MVP in football and basketball this past season. He is going to play football at Dayton this fall. He is also a super nice guy, but makes me feel old because I started babysitting him when he was just days old.
The ladders tournament took place during basketball. I missed the action while chasing the kids, but my mom won the gold.

more to come . . .


On Saturday my sister invited us for a boat ride. Zack insisted on wearing his rain boots and on the wrong feet, of course. Maybe he thought we were going on Noah's Ark?!?! He did manage to take them off long enough to go tubing.

10 on Tuesday

1. Zack had his first trip to the dentist this morning. He did great and even sat still while I was getting cleaned. The hygienist asked him if he wanted bubble gum flavored tooth paste and he got really quite. He finally said chocolate. He and daddy read a book last night about going to the dentist and I think daddy suggested the chocolate flavor. No cavities and all 20 teeth. He got to pick out a toy from the toy box and I wasn't surprised on bit when he chose the harmonica.

2. I also had a cleaning and have two soft spots on my molars that need to be filled. I need to take some cleaning tips from my son :(

3. Three is the magic number. Zack has become a better listener and can be trusted a lot more since he turned three. It is like a switch clicked on his birthday. No more running away in the store or getting into things that don't belong to him, like at the dentist's office. I wouldn't have dreamed of scheduling an appointment for both of us 6 months ago.

4. Addison started standing up for 30 seconds at a time. I'll be surprised if she isn't walking in a month.

5. I have a wellness check up on 8/22/08 for work. I am nervous because my cholesterol has been too high for the past 2-3 years. I have a wellness consultant assigned to me in order to get a lower premium from my employer. I am required to check in with her every quarter to set personal goals and what steps I'm taking to meet them. I am pretty much tired of lying to the lady about exercising and eating right. I need to get the cholesterol down so I won't have to answer to her again for the next year. I already have too many things that I need to talk about in confession :) She has said that it is probably due to pregnancy b/c I have been pregnant or recently postpartum for the past few check ups. I have been stealing Cheerios from the kids in hopes that they'll help, because God knows I haven't exercised. I will also get an extra $50 bonus if I'm in the safe zone and momma needs a new lens. I usually get $250 for passing everything but cholesterol, hopefully $300 this year.

6. Today I spent my lunch hour at the library. I need to do it more often. It helps to get my fix for my shopping obsession and doesn't cost me any money.

7. Yesterday I spent lunch at the mall and scored some end of summer deals at The Limited. I was overdue though. I usually shop for the kids. I feel pretty classy today in my new outfit.

8. This weekend is the Buffett Beach Party at the lake. We are having a DJ on the beach. I need to pack a Hawaiian shirt and find a babysitter. It should be a good time.

9. Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim (Ryan's mom and her fiance) are moving to Tennessee this weekend. We are going to miss them, but we know they are going to love their spankin new home, golfing every day, and the milder winters. Maybe we'll have to move too. I can't wait to borrow some on the natural light coming in through the huge windows and the beautiful hardwood floors.

10. and finally my friend Tammi has officially joined the blogging world. Zack is one day older than her daughter Abi and Addison and Avri were born on the same day. We love(d) to compare pregnancies and how the kids are growing. We don't get together nearly enough and that needs to change soon!

I made it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beach Bums

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and Zack had a blast playing with his cousins and friends all day. He was not happy when I had to drag him out of the water to go home.

Buried Courney
Courney found some berries that came off of the trees. She was very proud of them.
Cody and Zack. Zack doesn't realize he is five years younger than Cody. He does his best to keep up with him and play what Cody plays.
Group jump

and finally one of my niece Lexi. She was my helper while taking Addison's 9 month pictures.


I almost felt bad waking him up for school.

How does your garden grow?

On Tuesday evening Zack pulled three noodles out of his pocket. He said he got them from school and he wanted to plant them in our garden so they would grow noodles and we'd have lots and lots of pasta.

I just love this age. You never know what he'll say next.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Started Something

On Sunday Addison and I were minding our own business, squirming out of mommy's arms and watching Zack swim, respectfully. When all of a sudden my second mom, Marge, swiped her out of my arms and started undressing her. Next thing I know Addison is plopped down in the sand. I have avoided the sand with her for multiple reasons, but the main reason is because she'd eat it. I was shocked that she never put a fist-full in her mouth.

The first touch, not quite sure yet.

discussing the texture with Marge.

She spotted mommy

She really wanted to reach the sand at the bottom of the bucket.

The moment has come, she has discovered the water.

I wanted to see how far she'd go, so I let her crawl and was prepared to snatch her up. She paused for a minute to watch the sprinklers and then went after them and got it in the face. She recouped quickly though and decided to go after the waves.

She kept crawling into the deeper water until I stopped her. I let her crawl in a few times and then decided it was time to take a bath. I'm sure she'll explore again next weekend. I don't think I can keep her away from it anymore.