Sunday, July 20, 2008

9 Months

The kids and I spent the weekend at the lake, while daddy worked. Zack spent the weekend in the water. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow because I'm sure he will be a bear in the morning due to lack of naps.
Addison turned 9 months old on Saturday. My baby is slowly slipping away from me. I thought Zack was a busy baby, but she is sure giving him a run for his money. She definitely lets you know what she wants and where she wants to be. I have to keep a good hold of her becuase she will lunge out of my arms. She is cruising really well now and never sits still. She is also crawling up stairs and step stools, especially when Zack is brushing his teeth :) I need to keep the video camera handy because she is going to be walking soon.

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