Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Addison has suddenly turned into a ball of fire and is oozing with personality. She refuses to lay still for diaper changes, fights me when trying to put her in the car seat, skirms in my arms when she wants down, and jabbers like she is telling you off. She loves wrestling with Zack and still gets the biggest smile when she sees him. She loves standing up and cruising between toys. She will let go and hold her balance for a few seconds. She also can not leave newspapers, magazines, and catalogs alone. She loves tearing the pages and eating them. I am constantly taking them away from her. One day I'll move my stack to a higher location.

Tonight I captured the first picture of Addison's teeth. She still only has the two bottom teeth.


Jaidean said...

She sounds just like Emery - into EVERYTHING! :) Love that first picture!

Jennifer said...