Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lakewood Olympics - Part Eight

This should be the last Olympic post - finally!

The final event was a relay race on the beach. Each country had two teams of four. The first person runs to the other end of the beach, Courtney will demonstrate.
They then have to make three full rotations spinning on a baseball bat.

Then when they are nice and dizzy, they run back and tag the next person.
Haley demonstrating her skills.

Lindsey in the ready position.

Bahamas made one team of kids and one with adults. The adult team included my dad. Here is Gramps in action.
please don't hate me dad, but it has to be shared. Dad got just a little too dizzy on the bat. He is going to feel that in the morning.
Get up, you ain't hurt!
Tough love in this family.
They had a race a second time and he did much better.

My cousin Jeff

The winners were Team Sweden with a Bahamas walk-on, Olivia, to help fill there team. Olivia was pumped when she found out she won the gold.
Celebrating with mom.
The awards ceremony. I just love Brice on the right side with his chest sticking out. He couldn't have been more proud. The adult Bahamas team didn't even place. I love that a bunch of young kids beat them and boy am I glad I wasn't on that team.
After the relay the scores were tallied. The country with the most points and bragging rights for the next four years is . . .
The Bahamas baby!!
Everyone had an awesome time parading, competing, and cheering. Thanks to Becky and Kevin for their hard work and making it a success.
I can't wait to watch the Beijing Olympics in a week, especially swimming.


CorNKatie said...

What a picture, Dad in the dirt that was great.

Kimberly said...

Ok so Lakewood looks like the funniest place on earth! You guys are totally lucky!