Friday, July 18, 2008

Lakewood Olympics - Part Five

The next event was right out of Revenge of the Nerds, a beer chugging tricycle race. There were two two-person teams per country. The first person had to chug a beer and then pedal down the road to their teammate.
They then had to chug a second beer. They received penalties for not finishing the beer completely.Once the first person finishes, then the teammate chugs a beer and rides back. They then have to chug a second beer and the time stops when they finish that beer. The officers were gong to do brackets, but opted for a timed event, so they only had to race once and chug twice - wimps.
The trike didn't fare too well with all of the strong competitors. Dave did it in, although I'm sure it was hurting long before he got on it.
It is hard to see with the shadow, but the frame in the middle back is touching the ground, or very close to it. They took a pit stop and were able to get it realigned and ready to race again.
This is Room Dude. Room Dude never misses a party, especially bonfires. Oh the stories he could tell.
Addie was content sitting in the stroller and watching all of the people.
Chief was the official timer for the event. He timed/reffed/officiated most events.
Team Columbia won the competition!

This was the end of day one. It was a fun, but busy day. More events to come . . .


Jennifer said...

Wow, that was all in one day. Sounds like fun!

Kimberly said...

OMG....i just caught up on all of your posts and you guys are NUTS!!! You guys have a blast!