Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lakewood Olympics - Part Six

I took a little break from the Lakewood Olympics, but we're ready to hit it hard again. Sunday events started with 3 on 3 basketball.

Here is a little of the action.

My brother Corey with the 3 pointer.
and his new wife Katie with the nice follow threw. They both coach girls high school basketball, which is how they started dating.
My bro's team got the silver, but PURE GOLD in my book for the best uniforms! Gold went to the other Bahamas team and Columbia got the bronze.

My cousin, Ben, pictured below with his shirt off recently won high school student athlete of the year. He was chosen out of students from 27 area schools. He was also the Midwest Conference MVP in football and basketball this past season. He is going to play football at Dayton this fall. He is also a super nice guy, but makes me feel old because I started babysitting him when he was just days old.
The ladders tournament took place during basketball. I missed the action while chasing the kids, but my mom won the gold.

more to come . . .

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CorNKatie said...

Solid jumpers, matching shirts but to much Ben, darn that kid.....