Monday, July 21, 2008

Started Something

On Sunday Addison and I were minding our own business, squirming out of mommy's arms and watching Zack swim, respectfully. When all of a sudden my second mom, Marge, swiped her out of my arms and started undressing her. Next thing I know Addison is plopped down in the sand. I have avoided the sand with her for multiple reasons, but the main reason is because she'd eat it. I was shocked that she never put a fist-full in her mouth.

The first touch, not quite sure yet.

discussing the texture with Marge.

She spotted mommy

She really wanted to reach the sand at the bottom of the bucket.

The moment has come, she has discovered the water.

I wanted to see how far she'd go, so I let her crawl and was prepared to snatch her up. She paused for a minute to watch the sprinklers and then went after them and got it in the face. She recouped quickly though and decided to go after the waves.

She kept crawling into the deeper water until I stopped her. I let her crawl in a few times and then decided it was time to take a bath. I'm sure she'll explore again next weekend. I don't think I can keep her away from it anymore.


Jaidean said...

How cute! I know Emery would be eating it for sure - she heads straight to our flower beds and will take handfuls of it straight to her mouth. Crazy kid!

Jennifer said...

How cute and I am so glad she didn't eat it. Looks like she really enjoyed it!

Janice said...

She's a beach baby that's for sure!!! Very cute!

I was catching up on your Lakewood Olympics and wow, that just looks like so much fun!! I would totally be all over the corn hole and volleyball. The beer chugging tricylcle race is hilarious!!!!