Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Missing

Has anyone seen my baby? She is 7 pounds, red wrinkled skin, sleeps a lot, loves to cuddle.
Why do babies have to grow up so fast? Addison had two big milestones today.

First she lost her favorite hangout spot because she figured out how to escape. The past 2-3 weeks you could always find her playing with the dog door in the kitchen. Opening and closing it and hanging her head outside the door. These pictures were all taken on Monday. Today she made the great escape, so I had to put the gate on the door so no one can use it. We now have one bummed baby and one bummed dog.
Man I need to clean the glass.
The true milestone that really makes me sad is . . .
yep, she is walking. This was Monday. She started late last week taking one step and then going to the ground. Today we were all hanging out in the bathroom while Zack took care of some business. I watched her stand up in the middle of the bathroom and the next thing I know she was over by the garbage can, her other favorite hangout. I kept replaying it in my head. I think I saw 3 steps and then said no, she couldn't have she isn't even 10 months old yet. A little bit later she did it again - 3 STEPS!

She turns 10 months old on Tuesday. I have no doubt that she'll be running by then.


Jaidean said...

makes me sad for you and she isn't even my baby! :( She is a doll, but tell her to stay a baby for a little longer!

Jennifer said...

awww they do grow up too fast...she is a quick walker!

Janice said...

That's awesome she's walking! Wow, and not even at 10 months! She'll be running after Zack pretty soon!