Monday, August 4, 2008

Sick Babe

Addison has had a fever of 101 since Sunday night. I stayed home with her today and sent Zack to daycare so she could have some peace. She is so differnt than Zack when he is sick. Zack never slows down or acts sick, even as a baby. He goes on playing and running around like everything is fine. Addison, you can definitely tell something isn't right. She whimpers, tosses and turns, wants held and sleeps a lot. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow. I feel so helpless.

Here is a picture from Sunday in her new hat. I need to try again when the lighting is better. I was just shocked she kept it on and didn't mess with it. I didn't think I would actually get a picture taken to worry about the patches of sun.


Jennifer said...

Too cute! I hope she is feeling better now!

Kimberly said...

Poor thing...i hope she's better by now. And that had is too adorable!