Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Signs

I'm back from my blogging vacation. Life has just been busy and I haven't taken the time to pick up my camera. The kids and I spent the weekend at the lake while Ryan tailgated at the first home Purdue game. Saturday morning we went to a shoe store, so I could see what size tennies they would need for the fall. I've been avoiding taking Zack to try on shoes because I was afraid of a fight when he saw the light-up character shoes. No offense, but the are not my style. On the way Zack said he wanted Bob the Builder shoes, ugh, it begins. We go inside and he immediately spots the Spiderman light-up shoes and insists on trying them on. I let him try them on and he was certain that they were the one. Luckily, I convinced him that they were too tight after he jumped a few times and we walked out of the store with only a sucker. Now I'm free to surf the internet for some mom-approved shoes in a size 9.

Today we came home early to see Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim as they stopped by on their way back to Tennessee. We had a nice visit and Zack didn't want to get out of their van as they were pulling out of the driveway and he sat on Grandma's lap. I thought he'd freak when they started backing up, but he waved to us and was ready for the six hour drive.

Addison has been doing her own version on signing for a couple weeks. Tonight at dinner she did the correct sign for "more." She has been doing her own version of "all done" for a couple weeks. I can't wait to see what her next sign will be. I loved teaching Zack signs and communicating with him. I'm just amazed that someone so young can actually communicate what they want or see.


Jaidean said...

That's great! I've been trying to teach Emery the sign for milk, but she still just looks at me like I'm crazy! :)

Tammi said...

Way to go mommy!