Friday, September 26, 2008

Tennessee - Part 1

We made it home safely from Tennessee. Addison didn't care for the car ride, which made for a long trip home. She was either crying or napping. Hopefully she'll be better the next trip after we can turn her carseat around and entertain her a little easier.

We spent Saturday at a state park walking on trails and enjoying the outdoors.

I wasn't too happy with this move, but they made it safely to the other side. I walked on it afterwards and that was one wobbily SOB.
Us with Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim


Diane said...

Looks like your trip was fun! Addison is starting to look so much like Zack. I can't believe our little babies are getting so big.

Miller Mommy said...

That last picture is adorable!! You seriously need to frame that one!!! I would've freaked out if Steve and Teeghun went across a bridge like that!!!