Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Zack had a hard time choosing a costume this year. At first he wanted to be a guitar player after seeing a doll with a guitar in an American Girl Catalog. I think he was more interested in having a guitar.

He then decided that he wanted to be a worker (construction worker.) He then was going back and forth between being a worker or Bob the Builder. Then we were looking through a costume catalog and he spotted a Star Wars light sabre. He really wanted the light sabre, but wasn't sure about the costume, so that didn't last long.

Further along in the catalog was a fireman. He then had to go back and forth on deciding between a worker or a fireman. The fireman finally won out or I bought the costume before he could change his mind again. He really wants fireman tools, especially and ax and an oxygen tank. I didn't have much luck finding them, but I didn't go out of my way either and I know I would end up holding them as he trick or treated. I think he is happy with his final decision.

Addison was much easier. I've been eyeing this costume long before she was born.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Zack is venturing away from the Playhouse Disney channel and discovering other kid shows. The nice thing about Playhouse Disney is that they don't show commercials and don't have breaks in the shows. The other channels have commercial breaks and lots of toy advertising. Zack wants every toy he sees or he wants to give it to Addison if it's for girls. His wish list is going to be a mile long by Christmas.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. Both kids have pink eye. Monday morning Zack woke me up saying he had boogers in his eyes. It took me a minute to wake up and realize he had pink eye. I was right. I assume he caught it at the children's museum on Saturday. Today Addison came down with it too. I have been doing my best to sanitize the house and keep his hands clean, but I just knew she would get it from him.

2. In the past few days Addison and our dog, Sammy, have became BFFs. Sammy gets excited when she wakes up from her naps and he lets her tug his ears and poke his face. He NEVER let Zack get close to him when Zack was her age. Sammy is never far away when she is in the highchair. She loves to share her food with him and let him lick her hands. I am constantly telling her no and taking the food away from her.

3. On Sunday Ryan and Zack carved a pumpkin while Addison napped. I was surprised that Zack dug right in and didn't mind the innards.

4. Ryan picked out and dressed Zack in his pajamas the night before. It drives me crazy when things don't match. I'm sure that is why he does it :)

5. The jack 'o lantern. Ryan was struggling with having a perfectly carved pumpkin and letting Zack help. It worked out pretty well and everyone was happy with their part.

6. Zack is having sharing issues with Addison. He wants what she has and isn't afraid to knock her down to get it. He is becoming re familiarized with the timeout spot. Luckily she is pretty easy going.
7. Addison is still adjusting to milk, but doing better. She loves it mixed with drinkable yogurt. I'm still giving her a bottle before bed, but need to take it away soon. She starts screaming at the sight of a bottle. I think she has a harder time at daycare because she sees the other babies with bottles.

8. I've recently become addicted to Facebook. The last thing I need is another internet addiction, but it has happened. I tried to resist joining like I try to resist watching new TV shows, but I always get sucked in.

9. My parents have become Floridians for another winter. They left on Sunday. Hopefully we'll get to visit this winter. I'm ready to go now.

10. On Saturday Ryan turned Addison's car seat around. She was crying and fighting me as we were walking to the car because she wanted down so she could play outside. I opened the car door and she saw the seat was different and immediately stopped crying. I put her in and she was kicking her legs as happy as can be. She loves the new leg room and the view.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Anniversary Celebration

Saturday was our 5th year anniversary. We celebrated the day at The Children's Museum in Indianapolis. Ryan had lots of plans on how to spend our anniversary and I'm sure the museum was not on the list, but we had a great day.

This was the first time Addison has been to the museum since she was about two weeks old. She absolutely loved it and was exhausted by the end of the day.

Zack was so excited to see Spiderman. Ryan and Zack play Spiderman vs. Frank Valencia daily and wrestle around the living room. Frank Valencia is some random name Ryan pulled out when Zack said he was Spiderman and wanted to know who Ryan was going to be.
Zack is showing off his Spidey move.

Addison was getting a little tired while waiting in line for the carousel and rested her head on daddy's head.

First carousel ride. She loved it.

After the carousel we went through a maze and had a little scare. Zack took one of the crawl through exits and I decided to walk around and meet him and/or wait for him to crawl back in instead of crawling through myself. Problem is he wasn't waiting on the other side. Ryan and I started freaking and scouring the maze and the other nearby exhibits and he was no where to be found. I was getting ready to go to an information desk and get security when I saw the back of Ryan shirt and thought I'd check with him first. I see Ryan with a kid under both arms, thank God.

Zack decided to venture over to the other side of the floor, where we had been earlier. There is a large pool ball maze/domino/track thing and he wasn't able to help feed the balls through earlier because there were too many kids surrounding the feeder. He took it upon himself to see how busy the pool balls were. I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or strangle him.

When we got home the kids were worn out. We quickly fed them and got them into bed and Ryan went to work in the kitchen. He is an amazing chef and didn't disappoint. Ryan decided that since a weekend getaway wasn't in the cards, then we would at least have a nice dinner at home. We had steak, king crab legs, cheesy potato soup, sour dough bread and no kids. It was heaven and better than any restaurant.

I love you more than anything Ryno!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Addison's Birthday

Addison's first birthday was Sunday. We celebrated with a polka dot birthday party. We had a beautiful fall day and the kids were able to go outside, so that was nice.

Here are some snaps from the day. I made the sign below it says, "Happy Birthday Addison"

Zack kept choosing the pink cupcakes. I'm afraid to guess how many cupcakes he ate.
Ryan shaped and iced the cake.

Zack was upset because Addison was eating all of the cake and not sharing it. Ryan got him to settle down after explaining that we got to eat the cupcakes and to watch how messy she was getting. He then started laughing at her along with everyone else.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 of Tuesday

1. Zack has school pictures today. Hopefully he will give the photographer more eye contact than he gives me. Last year at picture time I was in my last days of pregnancy and dressed him for pictures the day before they were scheduled, so we had to pick another outfit and dress up two days in a row. I had really bad pregnancy brain with Addison and was always forgetting stuff.

2. Addison went to the doctor yesterday for her 1 year check up. She is 30 inches tall (75%) and weighs 21 pounds (50%). The doctor would like for her to be a pound heavier for her height and to start loading on the butter.

3. Addison isn't taking to milk very well yet. She will take a big drink and then spit it everywhere. I hope she acquires a taste very soon. Zack would just refuse to drink it. It was a much cleaner method.

4. The doctor also said that Addison has ear infections in both ears, but they aren't real bad. I took her last week for a nasty cough and because she was hoarse sounding and the ears checked out fine. She is on amoxicillin for seven days.

5. Our hospital gives all the new parents a gift certificate to a nice local restaurant that expires in one year. Addison's expired yesterday, so my sister and her kids came over and watched our kids so Ryan and I could go to dinner. This was the first time that we've been out, just the two of us, since before Zack was born, except for lunches. We never used the gift certificate that we got when Zack was born. It was nice to spend some needed time together.

6. Addison got a stroller, pack 'n play and a bouncer for her baby dolls for her birthday. She keeps trying to climb into them and gets mad when I tell her no and make her get down.

7. I think Addison would sit in a box/laundry basket/any other container for days as long as you kept singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I'll sing it a few times and then walk away. She starts whining and stands up, so I go back to help her get out and she immediately sits back down and waits for you to sing again. It is so cute.

8. Addison is lucky that the toddler stage is so much fun and making the transition away from babyhood easier on me.

9. Ryan and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday. No plans are set at the moment. It is amazing how fast time goes by. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary and my sister and her husband had their 10th anniversary both in October. We had talks of taking a trip together to Vegas or somewhere to celebrate our anniversaries, but nothing produced.

10. I love dressing Addison in dresses and skirts now that she walks and doesn't trip over them when she crawls. There are so many cute tights, so I'm kinda excited for cold weather too. Her hair is getting longer too, so I've started using clips in her hair. I just love having a girl!! I can't wait for the first ponytail.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Addison

Addison's polka dot party was a success today. I am exhausted, so I'll share more later. I laid her down for a late nap at 5:30 and she is still sleeping four hours later. Hopefully she will sleep through the night.

Here she is one year ago in NICU.
and today. She LOVED the cake and we finally had to cut her off.
Happy birthday Baby Girl. Mommy loves you!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 on Tuesday - Addison Addition

1. We are getting ready for Addison's first birthday on Sunday. She is going to have a polka dot party. I have dusted off my scrapbooking supplies and have been busy cutting circles. I realize that I do miss scrapbooking, but it is too time consuming and I'd rather be taking pictures and learning about photography.

2. We started the transition to milk today. She is now getting 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk in her bottles. I originally planned to start making the transition last week, but I wasn't ready for her to be a step closer to growing up.

3. I am sad about losing my baby. She is more than likely our last (but I'm not getting rid of the baby equipment just yet) and this past year has just went by way too fast. She has been walking for over two months and just keeps turning more and more into a toddler. I am trying to cherish these last days of bottles.

4. Addison loves shoes. She started about 4-5 days ago bringing me a shoe and then tries to get up on my lap, so I can put it on. It is not uncommon to see her walking around with only one shoe on. I am just amazed that she is old enough to tell me she wants to wear her shoe. She also has a bracelet that she loves to wear. She brings it to me too and holds her hand out so I can put it on her. I just love having a girl!!

5. Addison found her belly/belly button this week. When she doesn't have a shirt on she is constantly looking down and grabbing her belly/belly button.

6. She acts so much like Zack did at her age. She is constantly on the go. Bounces as she walks. She spreads her fingers and squeals as loud as she can in excitement. Zack did the same thing. I think I'm going to have two chatter boxes. I assumed all kids did this, but Miss Connie, her babysitter and Zack's former sitter, says it is only my kids.

7. She has started "sharing" her food and paci with me and just laughs when I pretend to eat / suck.

8. She loves wrestling with her daddy and climbing on him. She is tough just like her brother and just shakes off the bonks. She needs to be tough with Zack as a big brother. It doesn't take much for him to get hyper.

9. She will throw herself on the ground if she doesn't get her way, like if Zack is outside and I won't let her go out. Luckily they don't last too long and luckily she is really cute. I see BIG tantrums in our future as we reach the terrible twos. I was the queen of tantrums, so she may be my payback.

10. We are still working on signing. She has added "up" and "eat" to her arsenal. I can also tell that she is trying to repeat words that I say. They aren't coming out real clear yet, but she is trying to imitate my voice.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Interview with Zackerdoo

Kim tagged me to do a Q & A with Zack.

1. How old are you? (counting fingers) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1.(take two) How old are you? three

2. How old is mommy? eight
2. (take two) How old is mommy? how many is you mom? seven

3. How old is daddy? 5, 6, 7, 8
3. (take two) How old is daddy? five

3. How do you bake a cake? uhh, puuutt, let me see, (then goes to the kitchen drawer) bake it with this (grabs wisk and stirs on the floor)

4. What is daddy's name? Ryan

5. When is your birthday? (looks at me) When do my birthday? in five months

6. What is your favorite color? blue

7. What is your favorite animal? horse

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? a 'puter guy just like you (daddy)

and I'll end with a picture of him walking on a ledge at Purdue

I now tag Tammi and Jaidean

Zack Tales

It is now dark in the morning when we leave for daycare/work. Zack has been asking a lot of questions about how the sun changes positions as we watch the sunrise on the way to school. I've showed him a globe and explained that we live on the earth. The earth rotates around the sun, yadda yadda yadda.

This morning he asked me if the earth ever stops rolling and I explained that it doesn't. He then said, not even for stop lights?

This morning we were in Zack's classroom and he kept squeaking his shoes. I told him not to do it, it isn't good manners and it will scuff the floor. He answered, but they are my brakes. It did sound a lot like the squeaky breaks on my SUV.

Monday, October 6, 2008


We went to Purdue campus a couple weekends ago and Addison was in heaven with all the open space to explore. She walked more than Zack who opted for the empty stroller for the 2nd half of the trip.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Evolution of Zack


This is becoming way too often of a scene in our home. I put Zack to bed and as soon as I leave he gets up and goes to his doorway with his toys, so he has light to play. I usually take him back to bed a couple of times and then he'll get right up again. It usually doesn't take him too long to fall asleep, so I just let him play rather than fight him any longer.

He has finally given up on coming into our bed at night and caught on that I'll just take him right back to his bed. I was letting him come into our bed when Addison was younger and I had to get up with her at night, because I was too tired to take him back to bed. I knew it would come back to bite me. It took many months to break this habit.

He then started coming into our room at night and slept on the floor next to my side of the bed without waking us, so he wouldn't get sent back to his bed. We would either find him in the morning or he would wake up freezing and ask me to take him back to bed and scratch his back. He stopped doing this maybe two weeks ago.

Next he starting coming in at night, waking me up and asks me to help him go potty then take him back to his bed and scratch his back.

Now he usually goes to the bathroom on his own and then wakes me up and asks me to take him back to bed and scratch his back.

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed in the morning at least twice that he has used his bathroom at night and put himself back to bed, because the light is left on and the door was shut. Hopefully he will start doing this more often in the very near future and let me sleep :)

In other related news, I'm all for independence, but I really wish Zack's teachers would help him put his pants back on after he goes poop. (He insists on stripping from the waste down when he poops. I need to work on breaking this habit too.) At least twice a week I pick him up and I want to start singing, "Kris Kross will make you jump jump." He puts his shorts/pants on backwards, even jeans. I can't believe they just let him go the rest of the day looking like a goof. The OCD in me can't handle it. I have to have my and the kids shoe laces perfectly even, shoes MUST be on the right feet (luckily Zack is good about asking), and pants - um yeah.

In unrelated Zack news, I thought there were a lot of dandelions/flowers/weeds in the world, but holy smokes I can't wait for all the leaves to disappear from the ground. At least I could put the one or two dandelions a day in a vase, but 15 dried up leaves a day, ugh. I know I'll miss them when he gets older though.