Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 of Tuesday

1. Zack has school pictures today. Hopefully he will give the photographer more eye contact than he gives me. Last year at picture time I was in my last days of pregnancy and dressed him for pictures the day before they were scheduled, so we had to pick another outfit and dress up two days in a row. I had really bad pregnancy brain with Addison and was always forgetting stuff.

2. Addison went to the doctor yesterday for her 1 year check up. She is 30 inches tall (75%) and weighs 21 pounds (50%). The doctor would like for her to be a pound heavier for her height and to start loading on the butter.

3. Addison isn't taking to milk very well yet. She will take a big drink and then spit it everywhere. I hope she acquires a taste very soon. Zack would just refuse to drink it. It was a much cleaner method.

4. The doctor also said that Addison has ear infections in both ears, but they aren't real bad. I took her last week for a nasty cough and because she was hoarse sounding and the ears checked out fine. She is on amoxicillin for seven days.

5. Our hospital gives all the new parents a gift certificate to a nice local restaurant that expires in one year. Addison's expired yesterday, so my sister and her kids came over and watched our kids so Ryan and I could go to dinner. This was the first time that we've been out, just the two of us, since before Zack was born, except for lunches. We never used the gift certificate that we got when Zack was born. It was nice to spend some needed time together.

6. Addison got a stroller, pack 'n play and a bouncer for her baby dolls for her birthday. She keeps trying to climb into them and gets mad when I tell her no and make her get down.

7. I think Addison would sit in a box/laundry basket/any other container for days as long as you kept singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I'll sing it a few times and then walk away. She starts whining and stands up, so I go back to help her get out and she immediately sits back down and waits for you to sing again. It is so cute.

8. Addison is lucky that the toddler stage is so much fun and making the transition away from babyhood easier on me.

9. Ryan and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday. No plans are set at the moment. It is amazing how fast time goes by. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary and my sister and her husband had their 10th anniversary both in October. We had talks of taking a trip together to Vegas or somewhere to celebrate our anniversaries, but nothing produced.

10. I love dressing Addison in dresses and skirts now that she walks and doesn't trip over them when she crawls. There are so many cute tights, so I'm kinda excited for cold weather too. Her hair is getting longer too, so I've started using clips in her hair. I just love having a girl!! I can't wait for the first ponytail.

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