Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Evolution of Zack


This is becoming way too often of a scene in our home. I put Zack to bed and as soon as I leave he gets up and goes to his doorway with his toys, so he has light to play. I usually take him back to bed a couple of times and then he'll get right up again. It usually doesn't take him too long to fall asleep, so I just let him play rather than fight him any longer.

He has finally given up on coming into our bed at night and caught on that I'll just take him right back to his bed. I was letting him come into our bed when Addison was younger and I had to get up with her at night, because I was too tired to take him back to bed. I knew it would come back to bite me. It took many months to break this habit.

He then started coming into our room at night and slept on the floor next to my side of the bed without waking us, so he wouldn't get sent back to his bed. We would either find him in the morning or he would wake up freezing and ask me to take him back to bed and scratch his back. He stopped doing this maybe two weeks ago.

Next he starting coming in at night, waking me up and asks me to help him go potty then take him back to his bed and scratch his back.

Now he usually goes to the bathroom on his own and then wakes me up and asks me to take him back to bed and scratch his back.

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed in the morning at least twice that he has used his bathroom at night and put himself back to bed, because the light is left on and the door was shut. Hopefully he will start doing this more often in the very near future and let me sleep :)

In other related news, I'm all for independence, but I really wish Zack's teachers would help him put his pants back on after he goes poop. (He insists on stripping from the waste down when he poops. I need to work on breaking this habit too.) At least twice a week I pick him up and I want to start singing, "Kris Kross will make you jump jump." He puts his shorts/pants on backwards, even jeans. I can't believe they just let him go the rest of the day looking like a goof. The OCD in me can't handle it. I have to have my and the kids shoe laces perfectly even, shoes MUST be on the right feet (luckily Zack is good about asking), and pants - um yeah.

In unrelated Zack news, I thought there were a lot of dandelions/flowers/weeds in the world, but holy smokes I can't wait for all the leaves to disappear from the ground. At least I could put the one or two dandelions a day in a vase, but 15 dried up leaves a day, ugh. I know I'll miss them when he gets older though.

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Diane said...

Caleb says he is very sorry. I hope Addison doesn't have it!! I personally am not looking forward to winter and him getting sick.