Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 on Thursday

I am playing some blog catch-up. Life has just been busy and I don't really know what has changed, just the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Next week I'm only working three days and then only on Monday the week of Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the time off with the kids and visiting with family.

Here is what has been happening in our lives.

1. We have decided to switch Addison from her in-home daycare to Zack's daycare center. She will start on 12/29, after a week at home for some Christmas family time.

2. I have mixed feeling about the move. I'm excited for only having to make one stop before and after work and hopefully getting home a little earlier and having more time to prepare dinner. She will now be in a more structured environment, have a scheduled nap time and prepared nutritious meals. She will be losing the loving motherly environment of Miss Connie, her in-home provider, and slowly losing the "baby" in her. They will transition her to one nap a day and have more of a preschool type setting and help her become a big girl.

3. Addison's teeth are slowing starting to come in. She now has 3 on top and 2 on the bottom.

4. Little Miss is developing quite the temper. I have no idea where she gets that from :) Hopefully she doesn't inherit my door slamming ability. She has started hitting, biting, stomping her feet, and throwing herself on the ground when she doesn't get her way. We are working on correcting the behavior, so hopefully it doesn't progress. I'm really worried about the biting, especially when she starts the new daycare and has kids her age and older that will fight with her over toys. Right now she is the oldest at Miss Connie's and hasn't had a biting issue with the other kids. Mommy's shoulder is her favorite target.

5. Zack has been a rhyming maniac lately. He is always coming up with words that rhyme or asking for a word so he can rhyme it, then asking for reassurance that they do in fact rhyme. I have been trying to stay clear of truck, puck, and suck. Luckily he has too.

6. Zack is wavering on what he wants from Santa. He originally said he wanted a tar, aka guitar, now he is thinking he may like drums instead. I think Santa can handle the guitar, but I can guarantee there will be no drum set under the tree. Hopefully he will forgive Santa.

I'm going to try to squeeze in a mall Santa visit this weekend.

7. My parents are flying in from Florida on Wednesday evening to celebrate Christmas a little early. I can't wait to see them. Zack's asks me every day if Grandma Mary and Grandpa Ronnie are coming today. We are hosting Christmas for the first time this year and I have lots of cleaning, organizing and grocery shopping planned for this weekend.

8. Addison is discovering parts of the body and pointing to the body part you tell her. You can also ask her where someone is and she will point to them. I just love this age.

9. Last night I was cutting up an apple for Zack and he was standing on a kitchen chair watching. She was upset that I wouldn't pick her up, so she climbed onto the chair with Zack, twice. Nothing is safe in the house anymore. I'm sure I'll find her on top of the kitchen table tonight.

10. She has recently added "light" and "choo choo" to her list of signs.

11. She is out eating her big brother by at least twice as much. We have to force Zack to eat and she is constantly wanting up in the highchair.

12. The kids have their yearly appointments tomorrow with the eye doctor. Genetic cataracts run on my side of the family and unfortunately the gene didn't skip the kids. This will be Addison's first official appointment.

She was 2 months old last year at Zack's last appointment. The doctor looked at her quickly and said she had them too and to schedule an appointment for next year. We're hoping that the cataracts haven't changed position and aren't affecting their vision. Hopefully they won't have to be removed until they are much older. I was 5 years old when mine were removed.

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