Friday, January 16, 2009

The Infirmary

Sorry for the lack of blog attention, but we have had at least one person in our house sick for the past two weeks. My last post from two weeks ago said that Zack wasn't feeling well. I took him to the doctor and he had scarlet fever, which is strep throat and a rash. The rash covered his entire upper body and he looked like he had a sunburn.

Zack started feeling better and then Ryan caught the bug last Friday night. I finally convinced him to go see the doctor and he had strep throat. It kept him down for over four days.

On Monday, my throat and ear were starting to hurt. I went to the doctor before my symptoms got worse and we had two parents down and kids ruling the house. She said my throat was just red, but didn't test me for strep. She went ahead and prescribed amoxicillin, so I've been taking it.

Addison has had a nasty nose for at least a week, so I took her into the doctor on Thursday. She tested positive for strep throat. Zack came with us so they looked him over and tested him. He also has strep. The doctor said that the germs are outsmarting the medicine, so she prescribed them both a med that should fight the smart germs.

Hopefully next week will be healthier for us.

Here is a little of what we've been up to.

Last Saturday I took Zack to his first Purdue basketball game. He did go when he was around 7 months, but that doesn't really count. I knew Ryan was sick if he passed off his 9th row, center court ticket to me. The seats were awesome and so was Zack. The first half he was all about cheering and looking at me to make sure it was the right time to clap. He also loved watching Purdue Pete. At half time we met my sister and nephew. We then got a box of popcorn, which kept him occupied most of the second half.

Addison is finally adjusting to her new daycare. I drop her off and don't hear screaming the second the door closes.

Her teacher said she is starting to talk to them and really warm up. Last weekend she kept coming up to me with her fingers pinched together like she was trying to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I haven't sung it to her, so I assumed they had been doing it at school. I started doing it and that was definitely what she wanted. We must do it 100 times a day now. Last night she made daddy sing along. It took him a few rounds before he got the word and motions down, but he was a pro by bedtime.

Addison has discovered that we keep all the cool stuff up high. I have a feeling I will have the kitchen chairs put into the garage by Sunday and we'll just eat standing up. She is constantly trying to climb onto the kitchen table. I'll put her down and she will go right back to climbing. Hopefully it will sink in soon.

Zack has been loving the games and activities on the Playhouse Disney website. For Christmas he got the Mickey Mouse Easy Link for his Internet Launch Pad. Last summer Ryan set him up with his own computer in his room. I will notice that the house is too quite and I'll find him playing on his computer. It is nice because the website says the words so kids that aren't old enough to read can figure out where they want to go.

We celebrated Ryan's birthday yesterday. We weren't able to do too much since the kids both had strep and were contagious. Happy Birthday Ryan. I love you!!

I noticed today that Addison is getting taller. She is now able to open the kitchen cabinet drawers, reach her hand inside and pull out usually something that will get her in trouble.

I will try harder to dust off my camera, bring it out of hibernation and give my blog more love.

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Jaidean said...

Hope you guys start feeling better! (cute banner too!)