Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Brother

Addison loves her big brother, Ack. When I pick up at daycare, I always go to Addie's room first and then she leads the way to Zack's room. I open the door and she runs straight to him, ACK!!, with open arms.

The feeling is mutual. A couple weeks agoI picked up at school. The kids were playing outside on a nice day. They were on seperate playgrounds with a chainlinked fence deviding them. All of the other kids were off playing with the toys and equipment, but my two were standing next to each other talking and playing together between the fence. I am still amazed that Zack chose his sister and the fence over running with his friends and the playground.

I'm so glad that he'll be there to keep an eye on her and the high school boys.

I love watching them interact together. Addison wants to do everything that her big brother does and Zack is protective of her and always doing his best to keep her safe.
He is very good about unplugging the battery from his powerwheels four wheeler. She climbs on it every chance she gets and I know it will take off on her when I'm not looking.

My favorite part, Zack calls Addison, Baby or My Baby. He is such a good big brother.


Jaidean said...

That is just too sweet!

Tammi said...

Awww... love it!