Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Morning

This was the first Easter that we didn't have any plans and were able to stay home. It felt strange, but we had a nice day playing outside and enjoying some family time.

When Addison saw her Easter basket the first thing she grabbed was the chocolate bunny and she never let it go. I'm sure she ate some aluminum foil, because she knew what would happen if she let that bunny out of her hands.

Zack found his swim trunks and yelled, Britches! The only person I know that uses the word britches is my dad and we haven't seen him since a week at Christmas. Zack doesn't forget much that Grandpa Ronnie tells him though, so I'm sure he had the word tucked away in his head. I just had to laugh, only my three year old uses the word britches.

Tonight as I was trying to put Zack to bed. I carried him like a "sack of potatoes" for the first time. This was my dad's signature bedtime move. Dad would hold me by my ankles and carry me over his back/shoulder. Zack loved it and couldn't stop talking about grandpa and the sack of potatoes in bed. I told him that Grandpa Ronnie will be home soon and I'm sure he would love to carry you like a sack of potatoes, so get ready Dad!!

Chocolate for breakfast is the best!! Why can't every day be Easter?

The kids spread out their loot. I finally got the chocolate bunny away from Addison, but she found the Peeps :)

The Baskets.

The Easter Bunny brought Zack, Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise Tag book. I don't think the Easter Bunny had any idea of what he was actually buying. Zack belly laughs at all the farts and I shake my head and hope he doesn't turn into Al Bundy.

Here is a YouTube video that I found, different boy, but same hilarious giggle every time there is a farting noise. The video doesn't show Zack's favorite page a countdown from 1 - 10 with the farts getting progressively worse.

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