Friday, May 1, 2009

Five on Friday

1. Zack's 4th birthday is quickly approaching, almost 2 weeks. I swear the boy is worse than any girl. He can't settle on a birthday theme. I thought we were set with a Bob the Builder party and then on our drive home last night he decided on baseball. I brought the topic up again at dinner and he now wants a golf birthday cake. I'm glad that I decided to keep it small and haven't done invites or bought any supplies. I think I'll take him to look at cakes this weekend and make him choose once and for all.

2. Next week will be the kids final week at their daycare. They are staying home for the summer with a nanny and will return to the daycare in the fall. The nanny is a Purdue senior in elementary ed. I am excited for the change. I think she is going to be great with the kids. The time I'll save dropping and picking up. They'll get to play outside all day and with their hundreds of neglected toys, because we are never home. We are going to have a new playset with a fort built.

I just love their daycare though and I'm going to be so sad to say goodbye. I keep telling myself that we'll be back in the fall and they'll see all their friends and teachers again soon.

3. Addison is "starting" to tell me when she potty and poops. She is constantly tugging at her diaper and trying to take it off. I really don't want to start potty training her yet at only 18 months, but I think she is going to be ready soon. I'm just waiting for the 1st time she poops, reaches in and smears it everywhere.

4. We are staying close to home this weekend. Zack is bummed that we aren't going to the lake. He is developing some strong friendships there. It brings back so many memories that I had growing up at the lake. I have a senior/family pictures session tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what else the weekend will hold.

5. My snowbird parents should be arriving back in Indiana next week for the summer. Hopefully the weather warms back up, so they don't change their plans :) We miss them terribly and I don't think they are going to believe how much Addison has grownup since Christmas.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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