Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Babes

We spent the spent the past weekend at the lake. My friend Tammi and her family came for their first visit. Our kids are literally the same age. Zack is one day older than Abi and Addison and Avri share the same birthday. The kids had a blast playing together and so did the adults. Everyone was wiped out by Sunday.

Zack, my niece Courtney, and Abi tubing

Avri and Addie watching the tubers

Avri and Tammi on Avri's first boat ride

we did lots of swimming. I love how the girls have the same squat.

and the Superstar. Addison loves wearing her sunglasses. I still can't get Zack to keep his on and as you can see, he needs to wear them. Gotta love cataracts.

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