Friday, July 10, 2009

Five on Friday

I know I have been awful about updating my blog. Life is just busy. Good, but busy. During the winter we are stuck indoors and don't have much to write about and during the summers we are go go go and I don't have time to edit and update the blog. Here is a quick update on the family.

1. Addison has turned into a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse junkie. She will bring you the remote and request, Mickey Mouse, over and over. We went to Disney World in April 2008 and I made a photo book of our trip. She absolutely loves to look at that book and find the Disney characters and her family members. She definitely isn't helping Ryan and my love for Disney World vacations.

2. We are leaving Wednesday night for Wyoming for Ryan's family reunion. Hopefully Mickey Mouse helps make the trip less insane :) We will be camping in a tent for multiple days and I'm not sure how available running water and electricity will be. My brother-in-law also wants Ryan to ask his uncle to allow bro-in-law to hunt the land for elk and bear this fall/winter. I'm more than a little worried about sleeping in a tent with my two small children, just sayin. Hopefully we make it out alive and not too stinky.

3. We bought a Honda Odyssey minivan last night. It will get a good road test out to Wyoming and back.

4. For Zack's birthday in May, Ryan got him a youth sized left handed wedge golf club. The wedge was the only club the golf store had in stock. Ryan took him to the driving range a few weeks ago and Zack absolutely loved it. Ryan immediately ordered a driver and a putter for him. Ryan picked them up yesterday and Zack couldn't wait to hit some balls.




5. We have been letting Zack's hair grow out. I'm not sure if we should continue to let it grow, chop it short, or maintain it at its current length. I know my parents vote for cutting it off, which comes as no surprise to me. I need some unbiased opinions though. Does it look cute surfer boy or trashy?


Rebecca said...

I dig the hair. Definitely cute surfer boy! :)

Jaidean said...

Before I even read #5, I was thinking to myself, "His hair is sooo cute!" Keep it long!

Kimberly said...

I think he looks totally like a surfer dude in these pics!! Too cute!