Sunday, October 18, 2009

Addie BEE Turns Two

We had a fun-filled birthday weekend. Saturday we had a combo birthday party for Addie and my niece Lindsey who is turning five. We did a Halloween costume theme for the girls with lots of candy and sugar.

We said goodbye to my parents, who left this morning to spend the winter in Florida. I'm waiting for the first call from the beach bragging about the sun and cold beer.

Today the boys spent the afternoon bonding over popcorn and a movie. They saw, Where the Wild Things Are, and had a great time together. It has always been their special book and I've never been allowed to read it to Zack.

Addison and I went to the park for some mother-daughter-camera time, while the boys were at the movie. She cooperated for some two year old pictures, yay!, played on the playground and ended the day with a trip to McDonald's for a happy meal. Park pictures coming soon.

Here are some pictures from the birthday party. Addison had at least four "cookie tops" before she got cut off. Luckily we had a bounce house to help burn off some of the sugar.




Kimberly said...

wow! I can NOT believe that your baby is 2 already!

Jaidean said...

Her and Emery are always the same thing for! :) Super cute and Happy Birthday to her!