Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Addison is set to enter the terrible twos with a bang. Every time we turn our back on her she is into something she shouldn't be in. If I'm at a distance then she'll look up with an evil smile and continue the mischief. If I am close enough to stop her then she'll throw what ever she is playing with in hopes that I never saw it in her hands. Yesterday it was a pair of Zack's scissors that got chucked across the kitchen as I approached her.

She also loves to provoke her big brother, in hopes that he'll wrestle with her. Zack is usually involved in something and not in the mood to be hit and tackled by his little sister and ends up hurting her. When it does work out that he plays along, then she is in heaven rolling around on the living room floor with him.

Here is Addie at 23 1/2 months old.

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Jaidean said...

lol...glad it is not only my daughter. I seemed to have forgotten how hard this age can be!