Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Golfers

On Saturday the boys went golfing while Addison and I were at Purdue. I asked Ryan to take the point and shoot camera with him to document Zack's first 18 holes. I was pleasantly surprised that he actually used it.

The Future

Here are some more pictures of our day at Purdue.

I think she chose a major, such a productive day.

The Purdue Bell Tower. I wish our sky looked like that every day.
The Purdue Bell Tower

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Girl on Campus

Today Addie and I spent the beautiful afternoon exploring Purdue's campus, while the boys went golfing. She had so much fun watching all the students and greeting everyone. We brought along a favorite book, Hello Purdue Pete, and took lots of reading breaks between walking.

No Purdue Pete spotting though because he was in Michigan cheering the Boilers to victory, whoot whoot!!

Hello Walk at Memorial Mall