Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

Since Addison moved to a toddler bed she routinely comes into our bed at 3 something every night. I was worried about her spotting the Christmas presents and refusing to go back to bed as she walked through the living room into our bedroom. She came in at around 3 AM. It was dark, so she didn't notice the presents from Santa. 5 AM she woke up again and wanted drinkable yogurt, her normal routine. I finally gave in and went to the kitchen. She followed me and then walked over to the TV and stood by her new dollhouse and asked for Mickey Mouse (Clubhouse). It was still dark and, thankfully, I convinced her to go back to bed without noticing the dollhouse or other gifts. I was the queen of waking up early on Christmas morning, so it is only a matter of time before the kids do the same.

Last year Zack yelled for me from his bedroom when he woke up Christmas morning. I assume because he was scared of running into Santa in the living room. I was very curious about how he'd handle waking up this year. This morning he woke up at 7:15, excitedly ran into our room and hopped into our bed. He gave me a huge hug and said Santa came and brought Addison a new dollhouse, the most visible unwrapped gift. We all got up and then he went to wake up grandma and grandpa who were sleeping downstairs.

The Loot


Addison looked beautiful with her Rella (Cinderella) ear rings and accessories. She also has never drank so much water as she did today from her new Rella water bottle.

Round two for digital cameras. Zack got a camera last year and decided to rinse it off in the sink because Addison slobbered on it. The camera never worked again, but both kids still love playing with the non-functioning camera. This year I bought one for each of them, to help avoid fighting. Hopefully these cameras stay dry and running.

Ryan Zack got Crossbows and Catapults game from Santa. This was Ryan's favorite game when he was younger and he has been waiting patiently for Zack to grow old enough to play it too. They had a blast playing today. Ryan Zack also got a Nintendo DS and a Nerf machine gun that shoots 3 darts/second.

I'm grateful that I have Addie and her dollhouse.




Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We are having a wonderful Christmas. Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim stayed with us for a few days and we really enjoyed their company. Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve evening.

The kids then picked out snacks for Santa and his reindeer.

Ryan read, The Night Before Christmas.

then we all settled in and watched Polar Express before going to bed and waiting for Santa's arrival.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Merry

I hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas. Here is our card this year. I had to risk turning the kids into popsicles to get it, but luckily they don't hold grudges for long.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Addison's Party

Today Addison's class had their Christmas party and parents were invited. I had a great time watching her interact with her teachers and classmates and spending some one on one time with with her.

Here is Mrs. Sheila singing a song. Addison really gets into the hand motions and tries her best to sing along.
The teachers made a wreath using the outline of her hand and then we decorated it.

Addie showing Mrs. Sheila some love. This was an unprompted hug. It melts my heart and makes being a working mom a little easier.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Better Not Pout

Saturday was my last-ditch effort of getting a picture for our Christmas card. After breakfast with Santa we walked around Purdue's campus and I asked the kids to take their coats off for just one picture. The temp was in the 30's and the they weren't too happy with me. I didn't think there was a chance of my plan working.

I did get my Christmas card picture though after threatening them with eye contact with the camera and a non-goofy face in exchange for their coats. Luckily Addison cooperated first and then Zack is so competitive that he saw her picture on the LCD screen and had no choice but to cooperate too and not be outdone.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Checking In

Sorry that I've been MIA for so long. I've had a case of the winter blahs. Coming home from work in the dark really puts a damper on taking pictures.

The kids are excited for Christmas and we've been doing a lot of Christmas activities. Yesterday we went to breakfast with Santa at Purdue. We arrived late and by the time we ate our pancakes the line for Santa was closed. Addison was hanging tight to me as we walked by the big man, so I don't think she'll be willing to sit on his lap this year. She gets really excited to see him in books, TV, decorations, etc., so I was hopeful that she'd sit on his lap this year. We still need to make a trip to the mall next week.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tennessee with Ryan's family. Addison had a fever the entire time, so we hung close to the house. We did manage to go outside one morning for a walk in the woods. Addie was in her own little world singing and dancing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Want a Little Tree with Those Ornaments?

The kids have little Christmas trees in their rooms. Addison has a pink Disney princess tree that she adores. While we were decorating the large family tree Addie kept stealing ornaments and putting them on her tree. A week later, this is what her "Rella" tree looks like. She is obsessed with Cinderella, whom she calls Rella. She LOVES her Rella ornament. She carries it around her wrist like a purse, it sleeps with her every night, and occasionally Rella gets to hang on her tree.

Saturday night we switched her to a toddler bed. The transition hasn't been very smooth. We do the normal bedtime routine, leave the room and a moment later she is standing in the living room doorway, so we take her back to bed and start over. This gets repeated for about an hour until she finally gives up. Tonight she found her sunglasses and fell asleep with them on. I couldn't resist taking a picture.