Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Children's Museum

We spent the day in Indianapolis at the children's museum. It has been about one year since we were last there. I wanted to wait until Addison was over the put everything in your mouth stage before we went back. The kids had a blast and we renewed our membership, so we have many more visits in the future.

The water table is always a favorite.

Addison couldn't wait to get on the carousel. We rode it two times in a row and she would have stayed on all day if I would have let her.

Zack is always facinated with the pool ball run.

and some detail shots of the run.

Their special exhibit was Barbie. Addie loved looking at all the dolls, playing dress up and PINK everywhere. Ryan and Zack too their time catching up to us and Zack couldn't wait to get out of there.

Addie in her dress up clothes

My supermodel working the runway. I was surprised that she ran right for the runway and knew what to do, although she got a little shy at the end and put her hand in her mouth. I wanted to check out the "Be a Photographer!" area, but I couldn't get Addison away from the dolls and dress up.

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