Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Zack was born with genetic cataracts. Last month he went for his yearly checkup and the ophthalmologist said they have moved in the past year and are now affecting his vision and it may be time to remove them. He referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Indianapolis and tomorrow we will get his opinion. I'm hoping that we can wait on surgery until he is older, but I'm also not looking forward to the option of glasses and all the issues that will come with them and a rowdy four year old boy.

We were told a year ago that Addison had them too, but at her checkup last month the doctor couldn't find any cataracts on her eyes. She will go back in a year for another look, hopefully the gene really did miss her.

This picture was taken as soon as Zack saw me take a picture of Addison and her babies. The only time I can get him to cooperate for the camera is after Addison gets her picture taken.

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