Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Four Eyes

Today I took Zack for yet another checkup on his eye. He will have the right eye operated on next week. The doctor said the left eye looks great and his vision is about 20/70. He said it is harder with pediatric ophthalmology than with adults, because he has to estimate based on a chart where his vision will be as an adult and fit the lens implant to that estimate. Hopefully by the time he is a young adult his vision will be much better without glasses or contacts, but today he needs bifocals. We were given a prescription for the left eye today and told to have plain glass put in the right lens until it heals after the second surgery.

On the ride home Zack told me over and over that he didn't need glasses and could see fine. He'd just break them, so don't even buy them. I tried to reason with him and finally we agreed to drop the subject and talk about it more later.

This evening we went to pick out frames and he went in willingly. Zack only wanted to look at glasses that looked like mommy's. He wouldn't try on wire frames, etc. He then found a basket full of glasses cases and only cared about putting the mommy style glasses inside the different cases. We lost him from trying on other glasses.

We then talked to the lady more about his cataracts and coming back in a month with a prescription for the right eye. She thought it would be a bad idea to have him learn to see through bifocals when he only has it on one lens. It may cause double vision with only one bifocal. He already doesn't want glasses and he may get frustrated and then refuse to wear them. We will discuss it further with his doctor next week at surgery, but probably wait a month before getting his glasses.

These are the "mommy glasses" and number one choice so far. He really wanted a black pair like mine, but brown was the closest he could find. I can't decide if they are cute or nerdy. Thoughts? I need to pay more attention to kids with glasses in the next few weeks and see what is fashionable.

In other news . . .

I never would have guessed it, but Arby's Jr. roast beef's have beat out McDonald's happy meals at Zack's fast food meal of choice. We have made quite a few trips to Indianapolis with Zack's eyes and two Arby's Jrs are the new go to meal.

Tomorrow Zack is having his first field trip and first ride in a school bus. He is beyond excited. His teachers are rewarding the class with a trip to a local frozen custard restaurant for learning their addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates.

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