Friday, August 20, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Zack is still loving kindergarten. His only complaint after three days was that he didn't like the sloppy joes. I can't say that I blame him. I was pushing a cold lunch that day. Salisbury steak is one day next week and I always refused to eat it. Ryan loved it, so I don't know which side Zack will choose.

2. I was surprised, but he says he doesn't fall asleep during the half hour rest time at school. It has been really nice this week, because he doesn't fight bedtime at all. Addison is a different story though.

3. Addison's teacher told me this morning that Zack's preschool teacher asked her yesterday how Zack likes kindergarten. She said she really misses him and their morning conversations. Most kids want to play with the toys and their friends in the morning, but not Zack. He would talk her ear off as long as she'd let him.

4. It is really cute to watch Addison while Zack is holding a conversation with someone. She wants to contribute so bad. She will repeat everything he says really softly and make the same mannerisms as he does or lift her dress as she mumbles. She isn't quite as outgoing as he is, but really coming out of her shell.

5. Addison's favorite book is Pinkalicious. She has become quite the girly girl. Loves the color pink, wearing dresses, playing beauty shop and with dolls, wearing mommy's shoes, and wants to go to pink kindergarten so bad.

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