Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day on Campus

It only took 21 months, but I have a new blog banner! I finally got the kids to sit together for a picture.

Every morning before daycare I fix Addie's hair. Every evening when we pick her up she has taken out the hair accessory and she has crusty hair. Yesterday the kids both got haircuts and I decided she should go short in hopes that it wouldn't hang in her face as much. I'm in love with the cut and it seems to be helping.

We spent the morning walking around Purdue campus and then had lunch in the student dining hall. You could tell the students weren't used to sharing their hall with five and two year olds. The kids kept getting stepped on, because no one looked down as they walked.

Ryan and I have been getting a lot of comments from strangers lately asking if Zack and Addie are twins. Addison is really close to catching him in height and they are 2 years 5 months apart.

I even got into a picture.

The kids were really excited to see the Boilermaker Special drive right by us and hear the train whistle.

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Tammi said...

I LOVE the pics! Kids are growing and I love Addie's hair and the curls- so pretty!