Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday. All About Addie

Addison turned 3 years old three weeks ago. I have been a bad blogger, so here is a recap of what Little Miss is up to these days.

1. At 3 years a switch flips over night and suddenly any ounce of baby that was left is suddenly gone. I remember feeling the same way with Zack. They grow up over night.

2. Addison is now speaking in more detail, can hold a conversation, and is full of questions.

3. Her imagination has blossomed over night. I keep hearing her ask for mommy. I respond and then she tells me not you, this mommy and holds up a toy. I have a hard time figuring out when I should respond or not interfere with her playing contently by herself.

4. She idolizes her big brother and repeats everything he says and does, which can be good and bad. Zack is very animated when he talks and he talks A LOT! It is cute to watch Addie mimic him.

5. She LOVES dresses and skirts. When she gets dressed she immediately shakes her hips to see if her clothing will sway. I put her in a pair of jeans a couple days ago and she said, Mommy I can't spin in these jeans. She changes her clothes multiple times a day and always measures the spinability of her outfit and usually changes if doesn't spin enough.

6. She loves Top 40 type music. Some of her favorites are Beyonce - Single Ladies, Katy Perry - California Gurls, and Justin Bieber - Baby. I often find her standing in front of the fireplace, so she can see her reflection, singing, dancing and watching her skirt spin.

7. my 3 year old


9. The day we took the pictures above she said she wanted to do girl stuff, like shopping. We went to Target and she really wanted the pink sparkly shoes, but they didn't have her size so she chose the silver shoes. We then went to the mall and she found the pink glitter belt. She was also on the hunt for a purple dress, but didn't find it. As soon as we got home she undressed and put on her favorite spinning skirt and her accessories. I just love this age.

10. She is over the moon excited for our upcoming trip to Florida and Disney World. I keep telling her that it isn't our turn yet and she wants to know just whose turn it is and why are they taking so long. We also on a daily basis go through all the characters that we'll meet. I can't to see her reaction when she meets Cinderella.

I love you so very much Addie!