Tuesday, January 18, 2011

52 Weeks. My Kids and I. Week 2

I made it two weeks! woo hoo!! This week's pictures feature Addison. Zack was too busy watching Pokemon and what little light that was left was slipping away fast.


Speaking of Pokemon, Zack has been obsessed with Pokemon since August when school started. I had no idea it was still popular with kids.

Today on the drive home from school Zack asked me if he could have real Pokemon, as in more than one. I suppose if Mickey Mouse is real then it only makes sense that Pokemon are real too. I told him that I didn't think Sammy, our dog, would get along with Pokemon and they would fight in the house and tear it up. I don't want thunder bolts going off in the house. He said he'd keep them in his room and only let them fight outside. Sammy would get used to them and may even learn some moves. For every excuse I had he had an answer. I finally told him that if we can find a real Pokemon, then he can have one. I really don't want him to grow up.

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