Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney - Day 4

We decided to save the best park for last, Magic Kingdom. It was also the warmest day we had in Disney. To say the Magic Kingdom was busy would be an understatement. We got there early and road on The Tea Cups and Dumbo before the crowds got too heavy.

Addie was starting to rebel. It took her a lot of convincing to meet Woody. She was only interested in meeting Cinderella. Three days in Disney and no Cinderella is a long time to wait.

Grandma Sharon, Addie and I immediately went to meet Cinderella after Woody. Addie was so excited. She told me, "Mommy, I don't want Cinderella to sign my book. I want to dance with Cinderella." We stood in the long line and when it was Addie's turn she immediately froze and got shy.

Then my camera said I was out of memory. I was soooo upset with myself. Apparently videos take up a lot of space. I got one shot of Cinderella and missed Belle in her yellow princess dress. She was disappointed at Epcot because Belle had the blue dress on. I also missed Sleeping Beauty, who was Addie's BFF the day before at Epcot.

One of Addie and Cinderella after I quickly deleted who knows what from my memory card. Cinderella started telling star struck Addie goodbye, so I spoke up and told Cinderella that Addie really wanted to dance with her. Cinderella started to spin Addie, but she wouldn't move her feet. They both decided to spin their dresses instead. It was really sweet.

The castle lit up with Christmas lights.

That was the end of trip to Disney World. We are glad we went over Christmas, saw the lights and decorations, and our family was able to join us, but next time we will definitely choose a less busy time of year to visit.

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