Monday, September 19, 2011

Purdue Tailgate

We spent Saturday tailgating for the Purdue - Southeast Missouri game. The weather was perfect, kids had a blast, and our season spot was right behind the stadium and near all the pregame festivities.

It took a little time to convince Zack to put down the DS.

We had breakfast pizzas made on the grill then smoked chicken wings and pizzas for lunch.

Ryan showing off his skills.

Are you a Boilermaker?

We timed the Boilermaker statue perfectly and were able to five the players as they entered the stadium. The kids were in awe!!

The Purdue band performed in front of us.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Sunday

Zack had his second flag football game today. His team won 3 TDs to 2 TDs, which makes them 2-0 so far in the season. Zack didn't score this time, but he are some shots of his attempt.

They grabbed his flag :(

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Kid's Games

We spent Labor Day weekend at the lake. The kids always look forward to the annual kid's games on the holiday weekends.

Labor Day weekend is special though, because we have the money dig in addition to the games. There are three circles filled with coins and bills and the kids are split up in age groups.

Addie had a small group this year, so she made out pretty well.

Addie chose the dress-up jewelry as her game prize and wore it proudly.

Courtney was proud of her gold coin.

Football Stud

Today was Zack's first flag football game. He is on DA BEARS, which made us pretty happy. He started off a little slow. Like standing in one spot during the play and playing with his mouth piece, but he quickly got into the game.

Pre-game comparison of mouth pieces with a kid in his after school care.

and then Zack's big play . . .

and going . . .

the shirt grab didn't slow him down.

TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!! He ran for about 50 yards. The Bears beat the Packers 2 TDs to 1 TD.

The Touchdown Kid after the game.